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And The Oscar Goes To ...

Short description 

French and Greek students write a scenario in cooperation and realize the movie, create the sounds effects and the music.


Project's Trailer


Communication language(s) 


  • English for the teachers
  • Français , greek and english  for the students 


Age Range of the pupils 

8 to 11 years old.

Number of  pupils  participated in the project?

24 +  30 =55

Subject areas 

  • Art

  • Drama

  • Informatics / ICT

  • Media Education

  • Music

  • Primary School Subjects

Tools to be used *

  • Chat

  • Forum

  • MP3

  • Other software (Powerpoint, Windows Movie Maker, video,pictures and drawings)

  • Project Diary

  • Twinspace

  • Video conference

  • Web publishing

  • e-mail


  Project Objectives :

1) Educational objectives : make students aware of international collaboration  to learn to work otherwise, to cooperate.

2) Learning Objectives : - validate informatics, English, literature, and  visual art skills


3) Learning Objectives related to the project : acquire and use the techniques of making a movie, and conduct productions in the field of arts education :


- writing a scenario  in collaboration


- create the storyboard of the scenario


- make the movie of this scenario


- create sounds effects, film music

- use Windows Movie Maker to do the editing, inserting sounds effects, music


- use other free programms to incorporate subtitles in a movie


- use YouTube and other free programms to convert a  movie to 3D


- use free programms to blur  students face