STAGE THREE - LET'S HAVE SOME ACTION (Long Shot scenes and small clips)


This is the stage where students are faced with different angles of shots and moving bodies.

1) Teach them the long-shot scene

Practice the long shot scene (from three different angles - left, right profile and full face - and steady and moving actors.)

(duration 1-2 hours)

2) Prepare a storyboard for a long-shot scene

Each team prepares a storyboard with all the above kind of shot

All the storyboards will be uploaded in the relative twin space’s folder

(duration 5 hours)

3) Pupils working with camera to shot the above scenes(duration 5 hours)

4) Pupils working on Movie Maker to edit the above scenes

Titles, transitions, music etc.

(duration 5 hours)

5) Upload the above shot to twin space's relative folder



The following movies are shotted to serve as example for the teaching approach. Both of them in a Greek version participated in Greeks national contests.

Score against violence - Photoshow

Score against violence - movie

Score against violence - movie with blur student's face

A Bully's Story - video

The following video , in a Greek version, took the second place in a Greek national contest against bullying 

The Robbery - A Greek pupils video

This video is the result of all the above lessons and is created by Greek pupils by their own without any teacher's help 

And a stop animation movie

For the following stop animation movie, in both sort and longer version,  were needed 55 photos and were created to help maths problems to be adress and integrated in the project

Once more in 1/2 speed