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Good morning. I’m Nancy Malasidou. Today we will talk about the bad weather that has caused a lot of destructions all over Greece.

First we’ll see the problems in Athens. We are going to be connected with our reporter in Athens Jim Lampoudis. Hello Jim!



Good morning Nancy! I am here , in Athens , where great storms caused the flood of 5 neighborhoods at the south suburbs yesterday night. Three of the residents of the south suburbs were injured and they were carried to hospital. Ta others have been away from their houses by the authorities as all buildings had a lot of damages.



Thank you Jim! Lots of destructions have also got Cyclades, as our reporter Nick Chatzopoulos will inform us from Mykonos.



Hello. Big problems were faced here, in the Aegean Sea by the heavy seas which hit the coasts of Cyclades last week. Stormy winds were the cause of all that heavy sea. The authorities forbade the sailing of ships there and some helicopters came for the rescue of most of the people that were near the sea.



Thank you Nick! Well except  Athens and Cyclades Epirus had also great problems. But I let the reporter Maria Vlasidou to inform you wit much more information.



Hello Nancy. Lots of destructions happened in mountainous villages in Epirus by the landslide that occurred the day before yesterday. Except villages, roads under the mountain had also damages by the phenomenon. 2 people died there while some others were injured.  For the facing  the problem wire-nettings were put on the mountains.



Thank you Mary! You see all Greece had faced big problems by the bad weather that us meteorologist transmit will be continued the next few days. For else we will let you know tomorrow. Thank you for watching us! Have a nice day!  


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